Skip All The Tedious Peeling

Request wallpaper removal services in the Wilmington, MA area

Is outdated wallpaper ruining your space? You can instantly transform your living area with wallpaper removal services from Suetam Painting and Finishes in Wilmington, MA. We'll remove all the paper and wipe away any glue to give your walls a fresh start. We even use top-tier oil primer to allow for easy wallcovering removal and ensure your walls look great when we're done.

3 reasons to remove your wallpaper

Besides switching up the look of your room, there are other benefits to wallcovering removal. You should let our professionals strip your walls to:

  • Allow for easier wall maintenance
  • Ensure future paint jobs aren't ruined by peeling paper
  • Uncover potential mold and mildew growth behind the wallpaper

Customizing your walls will be much easier once the unsightly wallpaper is gone. Schedule wallpaper removal services by calling 774-386-7710 now.